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Digital Inclusion Through Trust & Agency

Industry Connections Program

About the Program

IEEE-SA’s Digital Inclusion Through Trust & Agency (Program) seeks to build and a collaborate with a global community of technologists, policy makers, advocacy groups, and industry experts to address two critical factors impacting the digital citizen:

  1. Identify and work towards affordable and meaningful accessible solutions for the “unconnected” around the world
  2. Develop solutions for a trust framework that enables personal agency providing ALL digital citizens the ability to protect their digital persona, the right to be forgotten, protect the most vulnerable, restore dignity to the digital transaction amongst individuals and entities enables personal agency

The Tactical Objectives for this Program

  • Facilitate digital identity as a right for all, with particular focus on underserved populations and vulnerable individuals such as children
  • Maintain human agency and dignity, including what information we make available about ourselves
  • Address complex global regulatory needs, including Europe’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), and gaps in the regulatory landscape
  • Be cognizant of current and emerging technologies such as IoT and blockchain
  • Allow producers of digital products and services to create sustainable business models that incorporate both policy guidelines and the end-user perspective

Full details on the program initiative available at

Pre-Standards Workstreams Currently in Progress

  • End-User Privacy White Paper for Educating Policy Makers
  • Internet Affordability
  • Internet Accessibility
  • Dignity and Agency in Identity
  • Use of AI in households for people with disabilities, pilot with Australian not-for-profit
  • Governance in Digital Identity
  • Dignity and End-User Privacy in VR/Social Gaming
    To learn more about the mission and set up of these activities, click here

New Workstream in Development

  • Decentralized Patient Identity

Interested in Participating?

If you want to participate in an existing workstream or suggest a new idea, express your interest here.

Upcoming Activities

  • Complimentary Live Webinar on 5 September 2018 – Restoring Dignity to the End-User Digital Tool Experience. SIGN UP IS OPEN!
  • Privacy by Design White Paper Coming in September 2018!
  • The first standards working group for the unbanked is currently in development. Details coming soon
  • Coming Soon: 2019 DITA UnConference Global Series Schedule